It's past 2am, so I've decided that:

  1. I've done enough POSSE stuff for one day.
  2. My presentation for tomorrow's lecture is as good as it is ever going to be. I'm working with a class taught by Matt Jadud (POSSE '09) and Darren Miller that will be spending the last 5 weeks of term learning how to contribute to Fedora - and we're doing a lot of work in scaffolding them slowly into the community so that they will (1) be successful (we may have failures, but they will be successfully educational failures if so!) and (2) not completely overwhelm people with newbies are here and demand HELP NOW! but rather be an enthusiastic and encouraging productivity boost to the teams they join. And based on what I've seen so far, I've got high hopes.
  3. I'm going to worry about burning 40 copies of live media... later. (Dear lazyweb: there isn't a F13 live image that fits on a CD, is there? The tricky part is that we'd like them to have a live image of something more recent than F12 so they can preview things but not have to install to hard disk... and I don't have a DVD burner, just a CD burner and CDs. I guess I could burn them the KDE spin.)

My hands now hurt from typing, so I'm going to go to sleep. More on this "Fedora in the classroom" thing later; I'm just thinking out loud right now so people know what's on my mind in this respect - I'll write more about our approach later, once class is over.