Brief thoughts, since hands are starting to get typing-painful and I should get to bed soon. Life-balance right this moment: I am bad at it. Things that could use a little more attention:

  1. Sitting still and typing for extended periods of time: not good for (1) hands or (2) most of the rest of me that isn't getting any exercise. My heart rate elevates faster than it should when I am running; this is bad. I need to schedule in a daily walk - I think that since classes are now in session, getting myself to work from campus for part of the day should do the trick. Also, I need to get back into unknotting my muscles on a regular basis.
  2. Scheduling obligations past the trip I'm currently on - I need to figure out meetings and hang-out-with-friends times from April 10th (when I get back to Boston) to whenever-I-am-not-in-Boston any more. And block out time for less fun but more mandatory stuff, like doing taxes. (Yayyyyy.)
  3. Studying. Music, language, research methods, and reading scholarly papers in an efficient manner... I haven't dived into them quite as much as I would like to, and I need to spend more time playing with this.

However, I've been doing pretty well on a few things I usually don't do well with.

  1. Sleep! I've actually gotten it most of the past few nights! (There have been recent nights of anxious sleepless thinking, but once I started my grad school application, I slept like a baby. So that's one way that I know it that was the right decision.)
  2. Food! I've been having it on a relatively consistent and normal-person basis, and it's healthy stuff!
  3. Life! I'm actually doing things like (1) playing with tiny children and (2) having non-work conversations! Sometimes I even go outside!

Working through the muscles that are on the verge of being painful, and then sleeping.