Between work stuff, Sugar stuff, Olin stuff, and life, I think it's safe to say that I am:

  1. running on all cylinders right now
  2. gleefully overclocked (and being very careful about cooling systems so that I don't overheat and flame out)
  3. tired - and I'm trying to stay aware of this; I'm so happy and excited with all that's going on this week

I'm going to bed early tonight; it's barely 1am. Pacing myself. I'm going to start tomorrow morning with the talking points and the summer coding sig. And maybe during lunch - or right after it - I can take a break from work and release the alpha of a little something that's long overdue. (I'm doing it as an open content project. I am not yet sure if this will work, but we will all learn things and it will be fun.)

Mind-exercising dinner tonight with Max and Greg and eventually Todd Warner... old stories are great to hear, even if I can't understand most of them. I've never heard conversations like that before. I want to hear more; my brain had to scramble in places just to keep up in trying to make sense of what was being said, and it was fun. I want to grok this yet-another-universe-I've-just-discovered. I'm so looking forward to spending the summer in Raleigh - I want this to be normal. I think it will be, eventually - I mean, Fedora utterly bewildered me back in July, and I felt comfortable being productively lost in it by September. Same at TOPP. Same at OLPC, and Sugar... IMSA, Olin, just about anywhere I've voluntarily been. I just need immersion, exposure, some help reflecting... and my brain adjusts fast.

I'm lucky to be around the people I get to be around - I will learn what I can while I can, and appreciate the moment. My biggest goal this week is to be constantly present - really present - with the people that I'm with, because... you never know when you won't get the chance to learn from them any more. The equilibria we find ourselves in are so fragile sometimes that I hold my breath in wonder, afraid to make them tremble and fall, but I have to keep on breathing, let it go. Where will we all be, 5 years from now?

Also, from the things-you-learn-during-longish-drives-with-Greg: apparently you're supposed to remove the stems from collard greens before you cook them. This may explain my earlier failure to render collards edible.