Simon Birtwistle just gave an excellent talk on zikula, a CMS we're working on for roll-out over several Fedora teams - Docs came first, then Marketing, then News, though the actual deployment date for each team looks like it's going to be in exactly the reverse order. Minutes from the talk are available online, and full logs are linked from the minutes.

The audience (both remote and local) was fantastic, and we got some hard questions in and a good amount of momentum going; by the end of it, we'd planned our hackfest for the next two days - the gameplan is at Simon (zikula), Pascal Calarco (FWN), and myself (marketing) will be driving various aspects of this sprint, and we're looking for help. Lots and lots of help.

Our target this weekend: Migrate FWN to zikula.

Please ask questions, point out holes, etc. - we literally just came up with this. I defaulted to #fedora-mktg as our IRC channel for the day, because I know we're going to have remote participants, but would be glad to move it to a more neutral place if there's a better location for this (if #fedora-logistics were populated, I'd do it there).

If you're planning on stopping by, either virtually or in-person, let us know! We'd love to see you.