What do you do after a full day of teaching POSSE? If you're me, you take a nap. And then you wake up. And then... well... it's now 4:53am in Singapore. To give you an idea of the size of my hotel room, the camera was perched on the far opposite corner (in other words, it's taking a picture of as much of the room as it possibly can). And yes, I'm working - one nice thing about being in Asia is that my second shift (because I'm up all night anyway) now matches with the US day and the folks I usually do things with are now awake and doing stuff on IRC, and I can join them.

Sprinting from Singapore

My perfectionism is pretty bad; I'm wrestling with it big-time tonight. It's one of the biggest things that blocks me; it turns my head into an overloaded multitasking soup that is... busy, but not productive. Certainly not effective. And sometimes less than optimal communications-wise.

“One of the tough things about impending crunch times is that the tendency (for me, at least) is to put your head down and do work! and think “I am too busy to take time to explain to people in an understandable coherent manner what is going on,” which makes it next to impossible for people to jump in and help you when you most need it.” --a smarter version of myself

I'm blocking on getting out a bunch of things so I'm just going to start dumping their current states here. (This post is likely to be edited as the night wears on.)

  • Ha! Posted my OnLinux slides, finally. See blog post right before this one.
  • Had a good sprint on POSSE planning, and then STOPPED WORKING ON IT. I'm proud of myself for stopping.
  • Textbook sprint. Discovered early on that I was useless for generating new stuff by myself in isolation, so I started popping into other people's chapters and adding questions and trying to fill in content as I could. This seemed both helpful and productive.
  • Attended Kara Schiltz's Fedora Classroom session on PR - we decided to do this instead of our usual Fedora Marketing meeting, and it's going great (still in full swing as I type this).