Sebastian Dziallas put together a Fedora Education Remix LiveCD for the POSSE professors to take home. It contains development tools and documentation bookmarks for the projects they worked on this week as well as several other open-source-and-education software projects that might be interesting communities to help with (like Moodle and Sugar).

The objective is to have a LiveCD that can be handed out to classes of students tasked with working on an open source project so that they can minimize their build/dev/contributing environment setup time, and so teachers know they can rely on all their students having a working version of a certain set of programs.

v.1.0 is now live and in the hands of professors for testing - based on this week, there are definitely improvements to be made for v.1.1. I think we're missing some tools to complete all of the POSSE exercises, but can't say exactly what those are until I go through the curriculum again next week - it's hard to shoot at a moving target. (It's also kind of fun.) Usage and experimentation and testing and feedback (and help) is very, very welcome.

Thanks, Sebastian!