I keep thinking I'll be able to take beautiful pictures and use them to illustrate well-written posts. Then I get hung up with perfectionism. Then I realize that dumping pictures with descriptions to the internet allows me to draw on more material later while getting this off my "to-do" list now.

Colin's amazing; he's a community gardening natural - I'm not sure if he realizes that yet, though I keep on trying to tell him. After getting together gurufest and booking me as the first speaker, he arranged rides (I didn't have to lift a finger) and then, at the last minute, the ride fell through and I got a phone call. "Hey. The driver couldn't make it. So I'm borrowing a tandem bike and giving you a ride."

Me at Red Hat intern orientation at the end of May striking my best Shadowman (Shadwoman?) post. The rock says "Ethics: the unalterable bedrock of Red Hat." I'm still not sure what one is supposed to do with it. It is too large for standard slingshots.

The RapidSMS folks architecturing up their own open-source project community for mobile applications for the third world, based on software they already develop and use but which doesn't have a good roadmap/process for moving forward and allowing others to easily join them in making and using it. I am so proud of them. That summit was awesome.

The next few pictures are all from Chestnut Farms, where pika gets its (delicious, free-range, organic, humanely raised) meat. The farmers there take obvious pride in their animals, and love them, and love what they do. It's the kind of operation I want to support - I'm starting to move towards not eating meat that doesn't come from suppliers like this.

These are turkey pullets. Not chicken chicks, like I first assumed.

These guys make amazing BBQ ribs.

And that's a pig pen. See why I love this place?

Similarly, that's the chicken coop.

The farm itself is absolutely beautiful (and still under restoration/reconstruction - note demolished building in front).

Finally, I Can Haz Cheezburger (at In N' Out in California).

I wasn't particularly hungry, so I just had a chocolate shake, a double double, and a cheeseburger, then helped my brother polish off his Animal fries. Mm. Early 20s metabolism indeed.

That clears most of the good stuff from my camera. I am content.