Mo and Chris have prevented this from being our only POSSE logo idea. Thank you, Mo and Chris!

(Side note: I should someday make my Inkscape skillz less rusty... and learn things like "composition" or what to do with this "color" thing - although the latter usually manifests as "Mel has the color sense of a dot matrix printer AH NO MY EYES!")

Mo's sketches:

Chris suggests the silhouette of something like this:


You can (and should) still add your own ideas on the wiki page (or here, or somewhere else I can find it). I'm going to tentatively give this until Thursday, June 18 since that's when we're having our next POSSE planning meeting. With any luck, I'll be ordering "Did You Put This On The Wiki?" stickers to put on whiteboard markers next weekend.

Next POSSE post will actually contain curricular content, I promise. It may also contain awful puns. (Seriously, this acronym rocks. Nothing is imPOSSEble!)