I have health insurance, and my taxes will be totally filed tomorrow after I pay BoA $6 to make me out a bank check. Yeah, I ordered checks too... I've just never needed paper ones enough before, but it's becoming a more frequent occurrence now. Somehow I feel like a more competent adult now that those two are taken care of.

Next project is a clean apartment. Chris is pretty much done moving out, and now the apartment has no furniture except my bed, folding chairs, and a couch (yep... tables, not so much) and an empty bedroom with a hardwood floor and an actual paint job, as my room looks like someone rubbed white-out on the walls and carpet with newsprint for about 10 minutes before giving up.

I'm continuing to steadily read through my piles of books since I'm determined to reduce them by 50% before I move. Or fit them in one bookshelf, anyway. There will be some tough partings coming up... I'll be much freer afterwards.

Oh, yes. And the job thing. Working on that one too. ;) The laptop-at-pika experiment has worked out quite well; I think I should be able to trust myself after this weekend to take it home a day or two a week as needed. Possibly. My fingers don't hurt sooner or more, I think - but I am more conscious of them hurting sooner (lower threshold of pain awareness... but not tolerance, mind you!) and more conscious of my posture and the way I use my muscles to type, so... awesome.

Things I may get, if budgeting allows (though I'm trying like heck not to spend money, basically): a scanner/printer/copier, speakers, a microsoft natural keyboard, a cheap big folding table. Tables are... kind of important, I've learned after several days of eating off chairs while squatting on the ground.

My OSS community work has mostly slowed to a standstill due to lack of ability to go on IRC and respond to emails. This blog is most of what I type on, by way of trying to let people know why I'm not typing other things (and also for me to sort my mind out a bit). I miss it, and can't wait to get back to it - though I also think this sabbatical of sorts is great for my growth, since I have to constantly explain "what I do*" to people who aren't already in the OSS world.

*when not injured

Message backlog is piling up. That's okay. I'm also learning to deal with my perfectionism effectively. ;) And this makes me appreciate the ability to get in touch with people so much more - I did take it for granted.


Ok. The distal side of my right hand, wrist, and forearm disagree with me today. Signing off.