Raymond's latest post on trust and credibility is... perfect reading for me right now. Also, I'm setting my I'm postponing the necessary in order to do the important. Recognizing. Fixing. Sigh. I need to be a better version of myself.

At least Yifan and Scott and the IMSA team are all set for running on their own now, so I have all of tonight to work (and rest, hang out with Sumana, then sleep, then rest, then work again). I've finally made it through reading all the updates/links on webpages that I had to catch up on; now I have a backlog of 205 work-related emails. (Fortunately, with Inbox Zero, I now have lots of practice getting through a backlog of that size. Should take a day.)

Also, when meeting notes start including action items like this, you know you have (1) awesome teammates and (2) a potential problem:

Mel to sleep at night. She was falling asleep in the middle of the conversation and almost derailed Marco plans to finish in one hour.