How am I?

I'm a bit worn around the edges, but comfortably so; a week of rest has taken the painfully raw edge off of things, and now I just feel tired. Still a little confused about what I'm doing (I wouldn't say I'm being torn in a million directions - maybe just a few dozen now; I've narrowed them down), but this is all normal and doesn't prevent me from doing things. And in any case, how else are you supposed to figure stuff out if you don't try it?

Feeling pretty good about where things are heading now that I've started to beat the dust out of the rest of my life (my inbox, the piano...) though I'm still feeling more physically sedentary than I'd like - getting back into the Kicking Things tomorrow will fix that pretty shortly, and I expect to be happily sore within 48 hours. I'm a little lonely, but that's normal too, and I am trying to retrain myself to be productive during solitude, so this is partially deliberate. Somewhat too full after attempting (and failing) to consume the leftover spinach on my own. This means that I have lunch for tomorrow all ready, and it's full of Green And Healthy Things. Yay!

I've got a soft mattress - my mattress - to sleep on tonight, and a lot of heavy warm blankets to guard against Boston winter temperatures. I've got lots of things to read for tomorrow, and a notebook to write in, and a pen that works consistently. I've got an iron, and it's been applied to my ironable shirts so that they are devoid of both dirt and wrinkles. My rice cooker is full of homemade chicken chilli for consumption in the morning. All in all, I'd say that things are pretty good, no matter how much individual bits of life may frustrate me with suckitude. This is a good thing to remember. And allowing myself to focus - also a good thing to remember.

Happy, of course. Always.

And now to bed - I think I have something like 7 blankets now. I like this. Yay! (I'll have to return half of them to Chris soon, but I should get more blankets anyway. It's cold.)