Ahead in two classes, behind in two classes. I'm going to try to change that to A:3, B:1 tonight (and then A:4 over the weekend. I sunk a good four hours of my morning into reading about aluminum for matsci - I think I went a little overboard (the "introductory background paragraph" for our proposal was a page and and a half of dense text) but it's good stuff, and now I'm motivated to learn more of the textbook theory behind metals and processing. Motivation to learn textbook theory has been sorely missing from my matsci life. Now I care again. W00t for PBL!

Gill said something today to the effect of "Life is the art of knowing which things you can let slide." It's true. What things are important to me right now? Let's see. ECS NINJAing, HPV, CompArch, AlSCa (my Matsci team), Gorgonzola (my HFID team), my music, my startups, and not failing AnaDig. Which ones are important out of obligation, and which ones would I do out of love even if they weren't required? All of them except not failing AnaDig. (I'm trying to change that one. I really do want to care.) The CompArch lab is the second thing I'd drop, but it's fascinating stuff and I want to learn it someday, so someday == now... it's just the "I can't think in Verilog when I really don't feel well right now" thing that's getting to me at the moment, but it will pass.

Trouble is when you try to keep everything, everything ends up sliding. I'll probably never learn focus, but I do need to learn better resource management. While I would never want to live forever, sometimes I wish I wasn't so finitely human. Roads not taken gnaw on me, even if I know I'm better having taken the other fork.

Jelly belly jelly beans are wonderful.

Passionate people are too. I don't know what I'm going to do when I graduate and go into a world where not everyone cares. Maybe I'll get a house for grad school and convince other Olin alumni to live with me.