One of many posts on my Readiness Assessment. As a reminder of the ground rules, this is a solo assessment, so while I’m allowed to think out loud on my blog, I can’t ask for or get (intellectual) help. Cookies and emotional support are, however, welcome.

After sitting in a takeout Chinese restaurant with some paper and an overactive imagination, I've got something. The final product is going to be a lot longer than these 5 pages -- the angle-bracketed bits are all getting expanded, and so forth. But I have, for the first time, a picture of what this baby is gonna look like.
Is it going to be perfect? No. Is it going to get done? Yes. Is it a step of progress towards developing these ideas? Hell yes.
I want to keep on typing, but my body's telling me to stop for the night already (seriously, body? immune system, you have poor timing) so I think I'll take my reading-stack to bed and try to wake up early and keep typing in the morning.

Show Me The Codes: first draft