It's late. I really need to go to bed. But I want to write about non-RAT things for a moment.

Other work continues. I did everything for my Stats class that's due before next Tuesday (we're really not getting very far on RHIPE, but I am not complaining at the moment because I have no bandwidth to explore on my own), and prepped so that I could write my Design paper and my Hearing Aids lab completely, start-to-finish, tomorrow. Did I mention that both my dances have tech rehearsal tomorrow night? That's why tomorrow's setup for both RAT and non-RAT stuff was so important; I'm going to be doing so much stuff that it's got to be planned, because I'll need to put all my energy in doing and not in deciding what to do.

The fall day was beautifully warm.

I danced tonight for nearly two hours; about an hour of rehearsal with Lily and Kyler for "Control Variable," and then another hour just improvising with Kyler until I was panting hard and dripping sweat onto the Marley. My shoulders needed to shake out after so long on the keyboard. And then I went back, threw some apple cider and an orange and strawberries and a banana into the blender, drank most of a blenderful of smoothie while typing notes (RAT stuff, you'll see it tomorrow) and listening to Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles and holy crap I'm tired.

Sustainability, right? Right. I check my phone and see that Sebastian has been texting me asking if I'm sleeping for a while. I think that... yes, I will be, because it's quarter to 2am and I've got a 7:30 class.