Update 22 hours later: Jef and Dave sent in card and logo redesigns, and we now have a much-improved second version of the card, which you should use instead. Thanks, guys!

Folks, we've got a business card template. Here's a preview.

Disclaimer: I'm not a graphic designer, as this template makes painfully obvious. I threw this together in 16 minutes (yes, I timed myself) so it's a very basic design. The colors and fonts don't even match the Eucalyptus logo. However, you can use this design to run a pre-cut business card sheet through a home or hotel printer, and that's what we need, because people are going to events tomorrow. (Actually, at this hour, I think it may even be today already.)

The template is a LibreOffice file, so you'll need that installed before you can edit it. (LibreOffice is cross-platform and commonly available in Linux distributions - OpenOffice would work too.)

You'll also need Gillius ADF, a Libre font from the "Gillius Collection" - download it here. I chose this font because it's also commonly available in the repositories of Linux distributions. Ubuntu calls it ttf-adf-gillius and Fedora calls it adf-gillius-fonts so you can yum or apt-get install to your heart's content.

Once you have those prerequisites installed, head to this ticket to download the template. Enjoy - and if you know graphic design better than I do, please feel free to fix.