Dear lazyweb: I want a single-line command that will ssh me into a remote server and run a specified command. I know it's both simple and possible (I did it before and forgot), and I'm pretty close. Basically, I want a one-liner that replicates this:

[mel@mylaptop ~]$ ssh
[mel@remoteserver ~]$ mycommand --option

The closest I've gotten is:

ssh >> 'mycommand --option'

...which does in fact put 'mycommand --option' on the remote terminal, but won't show it (I'm left staring at my local terminal's screen, but when I ssh into the remote server afterwards, I see 'mycommand --option' in the command history.

Intended usage is to make a zsh alias that will ssh me over to the server I use for irssi + screen, then resume my irssi screen session (screen -raAD).

alias irc=<magic-ssh-command-goes-here>

Oh, and I finally upgraded to GNOME 3 this afternoon. So far, I like it; my dual monitor setup gives me a few UI quirks (as I figure out exactly what these are, I'll document and report them), and I have yet to be able to think "the GNOME 3 way," but it's just very nicely done; my kudos and congratulations go out, very belatedly, to the GNOME team for some excellent and thoughtful work.

UPDATE: Figured it out! It's the -t option for ssh.

The final alias:

alias irc="ssh -t screen -raAD"