I almost always think it's a great ability to be able to run on adrenaline whenever I need to, but seriously, NOTE TO MY BRAIN: I have not slept more than a few continuous hours in almost exactly three weeks right now. Sustained unconsciousness. Please. It's not that hard, is it?

I've been resting a lot (by my standards) in the past 24 hours, just not sleeping. I've also been coming to the realization that I've spent much of the past... decade, at least - likely longer than that - near-permanently stuck in the "too tired to sleep" category, and that backing down from this is going to have some interesting consequences (and I'm not sure that I actually want to do it until, dunno... after grad school, maybe).

Maybe I'll back down from it enough to not wake up before 2am. I am pretty sure I'm tired enough to need more than 3 hours of sleep right now, but that's what I woke up after, and I'm trying to persuade my brain that no, no, now is not a good time to do work. That's not productivity talking, it's stupidity and an adrenaline rush. Go back to bed, Mel.