I've mostly been doing POSSE the past two weeks. But not always.

  • Brazilian steakhouse with Peter (Robinson, from Fedora/Sugar) and Peter (Froelich, from Johns Hopkins) after the end of POSSE Worcester, wherein much fruitful discussion about FOSS and TOS and POSSE was had. (Okay, it was related to POSSE. But it wasn't actually POSSE. I mean... look, I have to start somewhere, okay?)
  • Consuming a garbage plate at Mike's - same place as Greg and I had our first ones last October. Greg wore his Manstyle jacket (insie joke - it's the one he wore in the F12 video) for that occasion, so when I saw him online tonight after my plate, I joked that I needed one too, but "Womanstyle" just didn't... have the same ring to it. (Perhaps it should, but gendered word connotations do exist.) I wonder how I might affix a "Melstyle" patch to one of my jackets. This may involve learning how to sew. Or figuring out how iron-ons work.
  • RHCE schedule craziness coordinating with the CommArch guys. If we can all take the virtual class together, then the exam right after... the hard part is hitting the scheduling. I'm gunning for either "right before I leave for POSSE China" or "right after I get back from POSSE South Africa."
  • An interesting convo with lmacken, remyd, and ctyler at dinner tonight about project governance, which turned into a conversation specifically about Fedora governance with Chris on the way home. This ability to zoom back and introspect on different worldviews is... well, it's fascinating. It may turn into a longer blog post at some point, but the thoughts I'm having from this conversation haven't really been fully-formed into words in my head yet.
  • Anticipation of July 4th in Boston. Project Best Idea Ever strikes again. I am fuzzy on my 7/4 plans, but they do involve the Boston fireworks, and I might just be lazy and spring for a package here... I don't really want the party, though, just boat + food and the ability to hang out with Olin peeps I like and haven't seen for a while.
  • Sleep? Sleeeeeep. Also, I think it's the coolest thing ever that someone wrote Becoming Batman, which takes a scientific look at whether someone could actually train themselves to be Batman. Well-written, too. So far.

I'm going to have so much backlog next week to recover from. Max is insisting that I take some time to rest. I'll take a day sometime midweek, I think. Some urgent backlog-clearing to do first, likely, but... I'll figure that out... later.