Readers of Planet TOS will notice the addition of a number of new bloggers to your daily firehose of feeds. Please welcome the POSSE Worcester State crew, who will be hanging out in #teachingopensource ( all week working on Sugar on a Stick and learning firsthand how to dive into the deep end of a FOSS community. Pop into the channel, say hello, introduce yourself, tell your stories - some folks are new to IRC, some are new to wikis, and some are new to blogging, but everyone is learning fast; I'm completely stoked about our POSSE Worcester cohort. As you get to know them more over IRC/wiki/blogs, you'll see why. ;)

I'll write more when I'm slightly closer to full consciousness (need food and a nap first, I think - today was far too early of a wakeup), but in the meantime, here's what we did on Monday. The remainder of the week will be spent picking a Sugar Activity and championing it as a feature for SoaS v4 by making it meet the Activity (Inclusion) Criteria (in other words, "taking it through the feature process").

We've got some topic suggestions for tomorrow (in addition to the things we were already planning to cover, which are basically "getting code, finding out what bugs others have already found to work on, and sending patches back"), but feel free to add others if you've got ideas.