Occasionally, one of my (usually older) friends will post something that exemplifies the way I'd like to grow up into thinking about a topic. In this case, Sacha on personal finances. I'm pretty happy with how I'm doing with the learning on that front, really - but it's nice to look ahead and see what that thinking may look like a few years from now when I'm her age. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum (but just as wonderful) is Suzanne in the moments when she's writing her prose with a poetic flair. And someday I hope to be able to write textbooks like Sanjoy - in this case, Street-Fighting Mathematics.

I point out these examples of writing because I can't write well right at this moment; my brain's too full and buzzy. Scattered. Not bad, but it should be clearer, calmer, more focused... I am trying to do too many things at once. You can see it and hear it in the way I write and the way I talk and the jerkiness of my movements as I scutter between tasks in my room. I need a conversation thread to focus on; I need a way to step back and prioritize. So that's what I'm forcing myself through now - writing the script that will get me through tomorrow's early morning.

  1. Regain consciousness! Possibly stretch a bit, check to make sure there aren't urgent messages waiting for me online.
  2. Start burning POSSE Remix CDs and finding thumbdrives for folks to burn SoaS onto.
  3. Update the schedule on the POSSE Worcester wiki page, and post the attendees list there.
  4. Inbox-zero your personal email.
  5. At this point, the sun should be up. Go running!
  6. Come back and take a shower and eat breakfast.
  7. Send POSSE RIT all the stuff they need.
  8. Poke POSSE California.
  9. Finish your prep for the SoaS meeting this afternoon.
  10. At this point, it should be close to 6:45am. At 6:45am, you should be headed to your car to pick up Walter.

Yeah, tomorrow is going to be an early start. I'm going to bed now.