Okay, yes. Dancing is awesome. I'd like more, please.

I was briefly tempted by Beantown Camp and Swing Out New Hampshire, but... I don't think the scheduling works out at all, and... oh well. So when can I get my next fix? Possibilities:

  • Blues Blaze in NYC, October 1-3, 2010
  • Boston Fusion Exchange, January 7-9, 2011. Apparently Boston's hosting xFX this year (thanks to Liz for pointing this stuff out to me). Depends on whether I'm in the continent around then; there's a chance my family may be doing something in the Philippines, but... but... but... so tempted.
  • ATLX, sometime in March-ish. (Bonus: the prospect of persuading Andrew to take a side trip to the Coca-Cola museum.) Or the Boston Tea Party, probably also sometime in March-ish. Or... both. Perhaps. Depending.
  • BluesSHOUT! in Boston, May 27-29, 2011. Liz pointed me to videos from last year, and... wow. Just... wow. I'll never be able to do some of that stuff, but... wow. The complication is that there's a weekend between Olin's Commencement and BluesSHOUT! so I'll either have to be able to work from Boston for a week (...probably okay, I think) or make a second trip up, if I do this - turns out Stanford's Commencement (my brother Jason) is June 12, so I'll be fine with scheduling there, it's just a long time to leave an apartment empty and I am in Raleigh to actually be able to be at the office more. Then again, it may be a good excuse for Fun Road Trip Stupidity. I am a fan of Fun Road Trip Stupidity. Particularly when I can rope others in on it.
  • What else is there?

Pointers, tips, travel buddies? When else am I going to be young, stupid, and mobile? (Okay, the "young" part is the only one with a timeout here. Stupidity will last forever. Mobility will last as long as I want it to.)

Other, non-dance trips on my queue, in addition to work-stuff. Scattered and incomplete. I need to actually pull together my calendar for this stuff at some point.

  • Some sort of camping in New England, possibly in the fall, because according to Mr. Bouchard, Florida does not have "real camping." Which apparently involves forests. And stuff. There is supposedly a FOSS geek camping trip in... New Jersey or thereabouts, in... October or September or... something of the sort, and... let me just ask Jonathan about that when I see him in Rochester in June. Yeah. I'll do that.
  • October 27-30, 2010: Frontiers in Education (engineering and computing) in DC. On a panel! Woo!
  • Thanksgiving in Seattle with Guama (my maternal grandmother) and all my aunts on my mom's side. That'll be great.
  • FUDCon NA, of course. Tempe, AZ, I hope. It would be nice to be on Robyn and Ryan's home turf.
  • Return To Panama City: Kitesurfing Edition - especially once Andrew has a house that can host dancing parties, which I would be more than happy to help plan...
  • I mentioned this above, sort of, but Stanford's 2011 Commencement in June (the Jason Chua edition). Except I may have to go back again the following year if my brother decides to go for a Masters as well. He's just trying to milk us all for more graduation presents, really. He also decided, to my dismay, that he does not actually want to bike across the USA any more - so I'll have to find some other way to make that trip.
  • I'm sure that there will be POSSEs next summer and throughout the year that need instructors, though I'm trying to reduce the percentage of POSSEs I teach at because we really, really need to grow our instructor pool.

I am... incredibly lucky to be able to even think about doing this. I don't know how much I'll get to do - I consider basically every trip a bonus trip - but... I'm definitely enjoying this mobility. And since I have 2 years of it left before grad school, when it'll be much harder for me to Go Places because I have to Be Somewhere for classes and whatnot, I'm going to use it. As much as possible.