All righty, I've got me a setlist full of lyrics to learn, and I want to take at least 3 of them and arrange and learn them for fingerstyle guitar[0]. I have 'till August. Norah Jones concert, here I come.

It'll probably be:

  1. Don't Know Why (because I have the chords for that painfully worked out already, just need to add the melody and make the fingering less agonizingly awkward)
  2. Sunrise (because I think it's well-suited to a fingerstyle arrangement)
  3. Something Else I Dunno Yet (I guess I could count "Shoot the Moon" here if I actually tab and record my arrangement, though technically it isn't part of the setlist.

[0] This is part 1 of 2 of my guitar goals for the summer. The other one is finishing volume 1 of the Berklee Method for Guitar. My guitar is traveling the country with me this summer. MUSIC SHALL BE PLAYED!