Tonight was a good night. I took a nap, ran some meetings, called Andy P on the way to DJ and Ginneh's house and ended up making a lunch appointment with him tomorrow. It was starting to rain by the time I reached Medford. And it was getting dark, and it was cold.

So we went tree-climbing - in the rain and in the dark - I hooked my knees on a branch and swung upside-down, turning a flip to land. We couldn't get up a good number of trees because the bark was too slippery. But there was one that both DJ and I made it pretty much to the top of, going very slowly and carefully so we wouldn't fall and break our necks. I haven't done this in years.

Got back to their house wet and filthy, played a little music (my fingers are very sloppy on the piano, but I was able to pick out the bass line from "The Story" on DJ's lovely 5-string bass, and we had an intriguing conversation about teaching Signals and Systems as an electric guitar class) and finally left to try and get back at a reasonable hour so I could do more work (POSSE). I hadn't totally dried off yet, so I was shivering in the car until I hit the highway and the heat kicked in enough that I could take my hands out of the hot-air vents I'd been alternating holding them in front of (so I could at least have one warm hand at a time).

And now I'm systematically going through POSSEs, one at a time, before I go to sleep. RIT got done this morning, as well as Worcester. China's done. CMU is about to be done. Then it's Carolina. Then California. Then... unconsciousness! (I'll do expense reports tomorrow.) Getting my moments of rest where I can - I'm happy. I am happiest in motion. Can't wait to hit the road again.