Managed to avoid cameras tonight! Was originally going to do a photo shoot with Andrew for swing dancing (one of his friends who does photography for the local paper needed one) but got there to find there was another follow who (1) danced better and (2) was wearing a dress. (I hate dresses. A lot.) This suited me mine, as I'm incredibly camera-shy - so I got to watch a photo shoot that included some dips that I probably wouldn't be able to do.

Tomorrow I fly to Raleigh. I still have Marketing deliverables to work on - not yet done, but almost - a round of POSSEs to update, and my hands and feet are covered in the little itchy red welts of mosquito bites. Didn't yet get through Inbox Zero, which was my hope today. Oh well.

It's been a good weekend, and I'm thankful for hanging out with Andrew, though I did need to punch him a lot. Friends really do have an unlimited quantity of "Don't Be Stupid" cards to play, and he dropped a whole stack of 'em on my head this weekend (and continues to). And it's been a good day. We had ice cream for dinner (chocolate chip cookie dough). I'm... really tired and incoherent now; I've definitely run out of conversation-fu for the day.

Which means I'm going to bed. Yay! Sleep! I might have a little bit of it at a regular hour now!