To the anonymous editor (wiki username "Interested") who transformed the instructions for making and using Sugar on a Stick instructions for Mac users from a stub-tastic fragment of a page to an eloquent manual of glory - thank you! This was a wonderful surprise, especially as we launch into the documentation-and-supporting-resources part of the release cycle now that the SoaS image itself has been change-frozen.[0]

Any Mac denizens around who can test out these instructions and see:

  1. If they make sense? (Is this a helpful writing style for guides for our teacher/parent/student/non-developer audience, and should we replicate it elsewhere?)
  2. If they work? (Do the instructions, if followed, actually produce a working system?)

[0] In English, this means "the technical work and the product itself is basically finished according to the Fedora 13 release schedule, so we're winding down on that and working on supporting materials now."