Random thoughts from the day, in no particular order.

Fighting feels good. For the right thing, that is. Blaze, dammit, blaze.

John Mayer + guitar = wow. People can do some absolutely beautiful things with this instrument - my knowledge of the universe of how guitars can sound is very small (and extremely generic), but growing. Now if only Matt's guitar were not quite so big, and better adjusted so the strings weren't up so high above the frets - but hey, I'll work with what I've got.

Sometimes, the only thing you can do is to sit and listen, and to just be there. And sometimes that helps, and sometimes that has to be enough.

I have a hard time convincing people that I'm very introverted (I'm basically a dead-on INFP). That's probably because they don't see me decompressing from the peopleness, since that usually happens sometime around the 2-4AM mark. Hyperactivity and enthusiasm cover up a lot, and then I come home and turn off the computer and (when I have the time to let myself feel this way) I'm tired and I'm shaking and I take a while to bring myself down from it - I am getting better at this over time, though. And it's not bad - it means I've done something worth doing that actually taps me deep and makes me tired, and that's wonderful. And I recharge, and I monitor - because I have seen past the other edge of burnout, years ago, and I'm not going there again. Life is too marvelous to do that; I will take care of myself.

Sometimes, Calvin and Hobbes comics just make me happy.

I have fallen so far off the "running" bandwagon that I need to crawl back on the walking/jogging one before I even think about going for full-out sprints, unless I want to do Bad Things to my ankles. There is sunshine here! I should enjoy it - I ought to go enjoy it for a period of time every day. With sneakers on. Moving at a brisk pace. Yes.

Wanderlust and impulsiveness and instability and recklessness have given me a lot of freedom - that's a flip side as well. I am a grown-up in a lot of ways that count, but in other ways I've never had to take on much of what adulthood usually brings, so there's this strange mix of naivety mingled with pockets of (what I hope is) maturity. Maybe it will always be like this - maybe people grow up in patches and pieces instead of in a steady even gradient. It feels like I've gotten lots of patches in the past month, and I'm slowing down a little bit as they all integrate back up into something coherent - at which point the next sprint will begin. The more I do this, the more fascinating it becomes, this building of a life.