It is a sunny day. There were pancakes (blueberry), and scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions, and bacon. And butter, and real maple syrup. And it was Matthew's first birthday, so he crawled around the kitchen pulling eyeglasses off the faces of whoever was holding him. He is still tiny, and makes amused noises when we turn on and off the lights over the dining table.

The peculiar idea of voluntarily becoming unconscious for a short period of time in the middle of the day has been suggested to me after this rather large and satisfying breakfast. That, too, sounds like a good idea.

I'm going to take a nap, and then I'm going to... wake up, enjoy the sunshine, walk about before it starts to rain this afternoon - and then do some work, and work on projects, and get my life in order for when I come back to Boston for the longest time yet (a little over a month, whoa!) - not necessarily in that order.

Mmm. Sunday mornings. (Uh, ignore the pictures. I was trying to find the recording version that I liked.) That's a song I've been trying to come up with a satisfactory arrangement for lately - the bass solo in the middle is a nice line, and I think I may be able to pull off the percussion with a cajon if I can find one to borrow. It's just about the perfect song for a lazy weekend. (Except... I hope this weekend I'll be able to catch up on the work I'm behind on. This is actually going rather well.)