Dear lazyweb,

There are small side projects of the engineering sort that I would like to see done. I can sit down with people and be a "customer" and help them spec out what needs to happen, and test afterwards and give continuous feedback and sometimes pitch in on the work, but I don't have the bandwidth to drive the doing of this stuff myself.

  • Package transcriber and get people to start using it to subtitle videos - especially if we're going to have more media coming.
  • Do a melkjug sprint (old maintainers Luke Tucker and Josh Bronson have stopped working on it, sadly - it's a recent abandonment mostly due to lack of time and $dayjob stuff) to clean the code and fix some bugs and get it in (maybe?) packagable-and-deployable-for-Fedora state. I think this could be a great tool for news filtering. See streetsblog for a working example - play around with the sliders on the right. Ryan was looking at the dependencies to figure out how terrible it would be to package, and I've been peeking into the code to see how hard the bugs might be to fix.
  • Make a FAS-scrapin', dashboard-makin', research-enablin' python library. I've blogged twice about this, once as a library and once as a library (the same one) that enables dashboard creation. Slowly - very, very slowly - momentum has started to build - thank you to Luke and Toshio, Ian, Diana, Michael, and everyone who's kept on nudging this a little bit at a time.

Now, here's my question: these are things that are clearly not critical-path to the release of Fedora-the-distribution, but these could be rather helpful if they worked. Where do these go?

  • Summer of Code project ideas?
  • Engineering Services queue?
  • Planet? Obviously I thought the answer to this question was "yes." ;-)
  • Somewhere else?