Because sometimes my friends are ridiculous: Gui and Jenn are getting married, and...

They started thinking, and Gui had a crazy idea. He was dreaming big, and asked Jenn "what if we dreamed the biggest we could dream, and got the legendary Bluesman Buddy Guy to sing for our dance after the wedding?" She looked at him, incredulous - he just graduated from college and she works in theater. There's no way in hell they could afford it, and she said so.

He looked back and grinned, and said "It's true, but damn if we shouldn't just go ahead and ask!"

And thus this video, where he asks Buddy Guy in a song.

The ending lyrics: (Gui got Jenn's ring size by measuring her finger with a caliper while she was sleeping.)

Well she don't wear much jewelry
And she ain't got no rings
I had to get myself a ruler
Measure her finger as she sleeps
Oh come on!
Oh baby please marry me
Oh we'll tie the knot with a dance
And have us a juke joint Blues wedding

Well she told me yes
By screaming her reply
We started talkin wedding singers
I said lets get Buddy Guy!
She said what now?
Boy what the hell you on?
I said you don't know till you ask
And baby I don't dream small

Well hear us Buddy Guy
We await your reply
Could you please just take a minute
To help us keep the Blues alive
Well come on!
All we need's a little news
Oh won't you help us, Buddy Guy
We got these too-poor-for-a-Blues-singer Blues

Well, I think we always knew this was going to be one heck of an epic wedding.