Going further down the road of music masochism, I made my pick for this weekend's bluesy-rock jam session with DJ and Ginneh. Here it is.

"Change the World" by Eric Clapton - now, we're not going to go nearly as ninja on it as his group is here, but the potential for coolness of bass line and vocal harmony is definitely there along with a relatively simple chord structure that's certainly attainable as a first-time song. In my utterly uninformed, wild-guess-estimate opinion. I may be proven wildly wrong when we start playing this weekend.

This song pending +1 approval from the rest of the crew, of course. I'm looking forward to seeing what songs the others pick. If we get another rhythm section player and I fix my busted electronic drum kit, I might be putting myself through a percussion crash course (pun intended) and playing that instead of piano/guitar on a song or two on Saturday.

I think it is relatively safe to say at this point that music is my sprinting for the month of February. I'm going from "what is this?" on the guitar to "ooo, let's arrange some fingerstyle pieces, this is fun." (Without ever learning proper chords, too - but I'll fill them in later.)