A phrase from Sumana's blog caught me recently - "moments that snatch your heart and hold it up to the light." A couple that do that for me:

  • Rolling over the Longfellow bridge on the Red Line T, where the Boston skyline pans out over the Charles River, and remembering the first time you had the thought "this is my city."
  • A bowl of clear chicken broth and a cup of hot tea, steaming.
  • Cruising through empty stretches of highway in the middle of the night, passing fleeting glimpses of elaborate sprawling power plants, huge bridges that swoop down over the road you're on, and cities and the millions of lives contained therein.
  • The rustling sound of heavy rain sweeping across a quiet day.
  • Watching my little cousins sleeping. That pretty much does it every time.

In other news, I'm back in Boston, and since it's 3am, I'm going to sleep for a couple hours and then think about catching up with my backlog from the drive. I'm feeling pretty good about things, so I actually think I'll be able to sprint my way back into up-to-speed tomorrow. Many thanks to Sumana, Leonard, and Mirabai for a lovely stopover in NYC - I have some notes to write up now.