Great, now "Geile Zeit" (English translation) is stuck in my head which I have attempted to render in guitar. ("Attempted" would be the right word there; I'm strumming pretty violently and also figured out the chords as I went along, so my hand is awkwardly muting strings it's not supposed to mute, etc. I do not actually play guitar.)

It's nice to be able to comfortably sightread most non-classical piano pieces I come across. A more accurate term might be "fake sightreading" - I don't actually play all the notes (sometimes I play more than all the notes), I look at the sheet music, make an invisible fake-book in my head, and play from that, scaling the difficulty up or down as I need to. So I can leave off notes on chords that stretch my hands too much, or add a few turns of ornamentation during a boring section, in realtime, on music I've never seen or heard before. It... is... awesome. And I am totally on a plateau, but I'll enjoy this coasting while it lasts - just settling back and enjoying the chord changes on "The Nearness Of You" and "Round Midnight" and various Elton John / Stevie Wonder / Billy Joel transcriptions (what? I like their music). I'll often take a section mid-song and plunge it into the lower registers where I can hear everything, and then it just sounds (and feels) terrific. Mmm.

Today wasn't particularly productive - I was tired and sort of scattered-distracted, and music was the only thing that could hold my attention for any length of time. So I worked in short spurts broken into small tasks, and got into a longer sprint just now - started around 10pm, and it's now half-past midnight, and that's the first time I sat still not-at-the-piano-bench for more than 20 minutes at a time all day.  (Tiredness helps; I just had to get worn-out enough to sit.) ADHD brain management is aggravating sometimes, but it's also an entertaining and grand adventure - and something you just deal with.

Time to clean the kitchen, look for my floor (I'm rediscovering it slowly as the piles of stuff begin to clear) and then sleep for a couple hours.