After a couple months pacing the cliff, I finally dived in and posted on Geek Feminism.

Well, jumped in once - which is not predictive about how much or when or how I may jump in again in the future. But... yeah. Momentum building slowly; eventually these dots may connect to show a forward-moving vector.

A nontrivial amount of cheerleading and hand-holding took place along the way, and I'm extremely grateful to the many extremely patient folks who've sat with me through multiple drafts of multiple essays. Honestly, the revision process has been more about the revision of the way I think, and getting up the guts to hit the "Publish" button, than it has been about the content of the writing itself.

The thing that's run through my mind for the last few months is that Geek Feminism's content looks something like this:

  • Beautiful, coherent essay!
  • Beautiful, coherent essay!
  • Linkspam of beautiful, coherent essays!
  • Beautiful, coherent essay!

...and then I come along and add

  • as;lkdjfa;lksdjflskdjag;slkdjs

You may know the feeling.

"The Heroine With... what are her thousand faces?" is more a braindump than an essay, but it's there.

And now I'm going to return to my regularly scheduled workingness. I've got a website to deploy, a scholarship to run, a lot of tickets to go through, some scripts to fix...