After a late night playing my first game of D&D (The Mel likes. The Mel wants more!) and an extended conversation with Mo Duffy, I slept for a few hours and woke early this morning for a breakfast with John Poelstra on the art of project managment. Then I paid the hotel FUDBill and the FUDBus was on its way. After a lovely 12-hour ride, I arrived back in Boston with Sebastian Dziallas, who will be visiting schools around Boston (and demoing Sugar on a Stick) for the next few days.

Highlights from the bus ride:

  1. "Hey Luke, I'm gonna tell you how I think our build system works, and you can tell me how horribly far off I am." Result: Fedora's Build System: The Comic Book. Coming soon to a blog near you when I find a blank whiteboard to sketch and photograph a nice version on.
  2. Practicing (with Sebastian Dziallas) how to explain Fedora and open source to school admissions committees - both of us need to write a bunch more essays.
  3. Our weekly marketing team meeting, wherein I staggered in somewhat exhausted and then sat back in sleepy joy as Ryan Rix, Henrik Heigl, and Robyn Bergeron totally stepped up and drove the meeting through with crackling energy. We have a list of F13 deliverables and a general schedule, point people assigned to each of our major initiatives between now and Alpha, and a FAD in the works (we'd rather like Marketing FAD: Hawaii Edition, but think this might be somewhat over budget).
  4. Lobster roll! Ok, highway rest stop lobster roll, but... considering that, it was actually pretty decent.
  5. Managed to fall unconscious for an hour, bringing my total FUDCon sleep-hour count up to 10.5.

Sebastian is standing in front of my computer as I type this, staring at me as a reminder that I ought to go to sleep. Like... now. Which is what I am going to do. Accounting can wait until tomorrow.