I'm writing this from the FUDBus as we drive in the pitch-blackness of Somewhere In The Middle Of Upstate New York. We're in the throes of a post-dinner food coma - either that or still stunned from the zombie movie Spot put on after lunch (hilarious, but gory). Still, for those of us not reading or napping, work and conversations are still running full-tilt; across from me Jon McCann is typing away, behind me Mo and Toshio are working on her laptop, and I can see J5 and Luke standing in the back of the bus talking away as we jolt over the road; it's dark so I can't see much else.

We started from Alewife at 9am this morning - really more like 9:30 after luggages and laptops (boxes of XOs courtesy of Adam Holt) plus a bike and a bass guitar were loaded and people counted (a big thank-you to our bus monitors Ian and Smooge for keeping us on the bus, on the road, and on time!) - and plotted our arrival at the Red Hat office in Westford.

When the bus pulled in, several squads jumped out: a FUDCon Swag Squad to haul down the Shiny Shiny Banners from Mo's desk upstairs (now piled in the back seat looking very good indeed) and a FUDBUS Snack Squad on Mission: OM NOM NOM that returned triumphant with bags of chips and apples and cookies and such. Also, a happy-tummy-thank-you to whoever brought the tarts and cream puffs on the bus this morning - I have no idea where those appeared from, but they were delicious! (Yes, you can tell what my priorities are... Food is important, yo. I'm hungry.)

We're reaching Niagara Falls as I type this, meaning that we're probably just under 2 hours away from arriving at the FUDCon hotel, and that I'm going to be heading offline in a moment. See you folks on the other side of the border!