I've been on the road and running back and forth, so here are snippets from the last few days.

Young-person metabolism abuse for 3 consecutive days (...heck, I do it mostly every day). Consumption of an extended 4-course English supper plate (to which I added 3 additional courses). Consumption of a Rochester Garbage Plate chased by a slice of lemon pie. Greg also did the plate + lemon pie, to the amazement of Luke, who didn't finish his. Greg also started eating salads for lunch the next day, whereas I got two bowls of soup, sushi, a jug of sweet tea...

Thanks to Rikki Kite for patiently reminding me to get over my "...but, but, but, attention does not want!" paraonia. The interview we did (over a month late due to my aforementioned paranoia) made me reflect and think about some things in an extremely helpful way.

Had interpreters for the first time in years last night at the Innovation Center mixer at RIT. It was... fascinating - I'm going to use that word because I don't know exactly what my reaction is/was, to be honest. I enjoy having the extra experiences to mull over, though. I'm - weirdly enough, it was kind of helpful and cool, but probably in different ways than you'd expect. Aah. I am not used to being somewhere they're used to accommodating folks who can't hear, and counter-compensating (or whatever you call compensating for your usual compensations) is hard because I haven't really practiced it before. I have such a hard time turning off my coping mechanisms; that's what happens when you've used them nonstop for 20 years.

Also, introversion is a funny thing, and a long drive is actually very, very fun when you have good company to talk with.

I said this after Karsten's, and I'll say it again after Karlie's: fresh eggs are freakin' wonderful. Oh, I want chickens and dogs and a cat and a garden and a piano and little kids to play with! Not to have - certainly not now - but to visit, and to borrow, and... just to see.

I wish I could also repeatedly borrow a car instead of buying one, but I kinda need one right now. Oh well. While I have to put up with owning a car, I might as well enjoy it and learn things. Must ping Eamon about the possibility of swapping Auto Hacking 101 lessons with Something Else lessons...