So we had the FUDCon ad all finished, and then there was a last-minute change of format, and from B&W to color. But we did it!

...the wrong way 'round. It works this way, Chris is going to print it sideways if we need to, but in case someone wants to pick up a quick last-minute tweak, the ticket's is #71 in the design-team queue.

Chris notes the final file is needed by noon EDT (approx 4.5 hours from now). We are ok as-is, so this is not a PANIC NOW! ticket, more a "if you want to tweak it, noon EDT is the cutoff" note.

(in #fedora-design)
11:14:29 < brejc8> is that "4.25" (tall) x 5.5" (wide)" ?
11:16:09 < brejc8> mchua: do you have the widths and heights the right way round?
11:17:43 < mchua> brejc8: ...ARGH

(over in #fudcon-planning)
11:19:12 < mchua> ctyler: um... can you print it sideways?
11:19:22 * mchua should probably not inkscape in the wee hours of the morning
11:19:41 < ctyler> mchua: we could, but it might look... sideways
11:20:01 < mchua> ctyler: "adds visual interest"?
11:20:08 * ctyler feels really bad about the last minute changes
11:20:44 * mchua could add "why is this ad sideways? come to FUDCon Toronto and ask Chris Tyler to find out!"