Reading this article set off a complex chain of mixed feelings. I see now why Caitlin wanted to talk with me about this when I was on campus for graduation in May - I'm looking forward to that conversation (and others on related topics with various people) when I return to Boston for the spring.

First thought: "It's never stopped me." Second thought: "I wonder how he sees the world, what life is like, that he would say these things." Third thought: "Hm - Caitlin, too." Third thought: "Well... that first thought isn't entirely true. It has made some things harder. And made a few things hard enough that I chose not to do them." Fourth thought: "....fascinating."

My hearing aids are out of batteries. I hope I'll find the right ones  somewhere in Toronto in the morning; it would be nice to be able to listen to the sounds of the city in all the ways I can. I wonder if I'll get a chance to let this train of thought run out some more when I'm in Rochester; the Jacobs family helped my thinking on this tremendously the last time I was in town.