My dreams enjoy toying with me. Sunday morning I dreamt that I'd gotten up to a lovely, sunny day - early morning, but that's okay! I go downstairs, my little brother's there, he offers to drive me to the airport - I'm pleasantly surprised and accept... our next-door neighbor holds her little terrier in one hand and waves goodbye with the other, and Jason and I climb into Dad's car (our favorite) and head out early enough to get some food at Steak N' Shake...

...and then I wake up and discover that no, it's 6am, pitch black, cold and raining, and I get to take public transit to the airport.

Separately, Sunday morning, I dreamt of my GMAT score report, which I still haven't seen the final version of, although MBA programs are starting to send me things despite my (stated) lack of any plans whatsoever to actually get an MBA. I take this as an indication that I did not completely bomb the writing section.

It's been a while since I had dreams. I know I dreamt last night, but can't remember them. I wonder if I'll dream tonight. I'm going to try to.