In approximately 7.5 hours, the switch will flip and I will No Longer Be An Intern. (For the past two weeks - as I've said many, many times before - my mind's been totally amped up with a happy whisper in the background of I-get-to-stay-IgettostayIgettostayIgettostay!) This post brought to you by the Department of Enthusiasm. :-)

In the meantime, I've got a FWN beat to sub in for and a FUDCon ad to upload to Design's space and 6 hours of sleep to get (why did I agree to this, Andrew? WHY?)

Today I was a bit hungrier than usual. We were out at the Tacoma Folk Festival, which had all sorts of festival-esque food vendors. For lunch, I downed...

  • a sweet Polish sausage large enough that I had to use both hands to hold/support/eat it
  • a large raw vegan plate - cracked wheat, seaweed salad, nut... pulse? something with nuts... another sort of salad, and lemonade
  • a vegetarian pakistani plate piled with rice, spinach, potatoes, and chickpeas stewed in tomato sauce

Yes, that would be three lunches. After I finished the third lunch, I went to the airport, decided I was still hungry, and inhaled a 1-lb Fuddruckers burger and some sweet potato fries. Disappointingly, it was an airport chain Fuddruckers, so this meant two 1/2-lb patties slammed together instead of the glorious one full pound of lovely juicy not-from-the-freezer beef I've gotten at Real Fuddruckers Locations. So. Four lunches? Three lunches and a dinner? Two lunches and a very large snack and an early dinner? In any case, it was a lot of food. I'm pretty good for not being hungry now (although I'm not particularly full).

...yes, today was my "I'm not a vegan" day. On the whole, I find vegetarianism to be a great thing and not too much effort to keep up (really, I'm almost vegetarian anyway, so being just a little more conscious about it isn't hard) except for special occasions and special treats (like Polish sausage!) but being vegan is supremely inconvenient when I'm not cooking for myself.

Bedtime. Tomorrow is a big day.