The feeling of needing to rise to meet expectations is still a foreign one to me, and it's fantastic. I love it. I'm far more used to bounding up in excitement and thwacking my head against the ceiling, and then having to stand on a chair and use my fist (and perhaps a mop handle) to smash above expectations anyway.

I can count the times I've been really pushed on one hand. Number theory my senior year of high school. A few classes and projects at Olin. Running the community test group at OLPC.


I'm not used to being asked to step into larger shoes than I'd already planned myself - not used to having to run faster than I'd already planned on pushing in order to keep up with people far smarter and faster than I am - not used to having roles to grow into instead of things to prove I've grown out of.

I like it. I really, really like it. It's wonderful to be able to struggle to grow into something I'm expected to become. Hungry for more.