I missed my plane. A series of weird schedule mishaps (like a rental car shuttle passenger who stood in front of the bus and asked the driver questions for a long time, then once we all got on, had to be taken to another rental car company, go inside, consult with them on something while we waited outside, etc...) meant I made it exactly one minute late to check in for my 8:10 plane (actually, I arrived during the last minute one could check in, but nobody was at the counter, and by the time I went down to the office near the baggage claim I was one minute late). The next one leaves at 6am.

A smart person would spend money at this point: call a taxi, get a hotel room, sleep. I'm learning to be smart. After two hours going "wellll, it's just 8 hours until the counter reopens," I thought better of it, called my dad and had him talk me into it, and dropped $55 on a hotel room.

Paul Graham explains why I stopped sleeping at age 11. The schedule he describes, sleeping in the morning, working on a manager's schedule in the afternoon, and then a maker's schedule late at night - that's what I've done for 12 years now, except without the "sleeping in the morning" part. I love the middle of the night. I get stuff done.

I should give myself 4 hours of sleep before I catch a plane tomorrow morning, because planes wear me out physically (I may even take a nap upon reaching pika again tomorrow.) Bed.