I am... exhausted. I think I ate too much for dinner - too much heavy food.

And then I had a protracted phone conversation with my brother (my wonderful, wonderful brother) who helped me work through a good portion of my unrest over my (correct) decision not to apply to engineering grad school (just because a choice is right doesn't mean it's easy or that I don't complain about it). He's in a similar situation - does he study engineering, which is safe and well-known, or design, which is "fuzzy" and "hand-wavy" and the kind of thing prospective employers look at you a little funny for having gotten a degree in? Several months ago, after a similarly long and somewhat agonized "I've made my decision, but I'm not sure how to live with it peacefully" conversation, he's a happy design major. Just as I will soon be an ed school applicant.

This left me physically and mentally drained to a degree I didn't expect, though - all the pent-up energy that I'd been counting on fueling me all night was actually anxiety that talking with Jason released. Now I'm going through the list of things I planned to do tonight and going "Mel, you overestimated yet again."

I'm updating the Fedora Marketing schedule from the meeting with Paul and John today (Jack is moving on, so we've discussed it and I'm going to keep running forward with Marketing - I need to give Jack a huge thank-you for everything he's done). Then I'm hollering out the traditional "MEETING TOMORROW!" to the Marketing list, pinging the Docs, News, Design, Websites, and Ambassadors teams to make sure our F12 schedules will be synced up by the start of next week, and going to bed. So yeah, I'm dropping the notion of finishing POSSE note transcription and post backlogs tonight.

And then I'll wake up early and make semantic mediawiki work for the upcoming SoaS test sprint so I can show James tomorrow at our meeting, pack, check out of the hotel, and drive to work for yet another day full of meetings. I'm looking forward to a quiet rest-of-the-week so that I can sit down and get things done.