Yep, we're going back in time a little. Best conversation snip from last night's POSSE dinner:

We have to go to Best Buy.
To get a wireless router.
Why do you need a wireless router?
<something about how they need to be online to do work>
<something about how don't they have internet in their rooms?>
Yes, but it's wired, everybody working in their own room. We have to work together.

The best thing that I'm learning from watching these professors is how to be a good learner of the kind of stuff we're trying to teach. If you're curious what's been going on, here's the curricula from Monday (intro to open source), Tuesday (building and packaging), and Wednesday (bugzilla and reviews).

I've been light on transcribing for Tues and Weds since it's mostly the profs working through already-documented processes like how to make an RPM, but I would love to see their notes on the experience - not redocumenting how to, say, package - but notes on what was surprising, hard, confusing... before the "oh, of course that is the way it is" I'm-used-to-this comfort zone hits, while they still have the eyes of newcomers.