POSSE's first full day KICKED ASS, more later.

Amusement: Luis Villa noticed that "plastic material normally associated with the sport of swimming" was allowed material for the CA bar exam and now wants to walk into the room with flippers.

Learned that more of my friends from school have gotten married. This makes me feel old. (Yes, yes, this is the side effect of hanging out with people several years older than I am all throughout school.)

INBOX ZERO, W00T. Several hundred emails of travel backlog, GONE. (Now I have an older - but much smaller - backlog from before this round of travel to clear out, but that's easier.) I need to lower my standards on what makes a good reply...

Tonight I need to prep for the Fedora Marketing meeting, then do my POSSE homework and blog about it. DONE YAY BLOGGING NOW! Then I will sleep. Then I will wake up early and transcribe yesterday's POSSE events (since by then all the prof blog posts will have trickled in) and send thank-yous. By that time Day 2 of POSSE should be about to start, and Tuesday will begin in earnest.