Email is particularly susceptible to Parkinson's Law.

This week I will try doing everything else on my todo list before tackling email. Exceptions given to checking threads relevant to the task at hand, but no more than 1 minute allowed to check that (and then pull it into a separate isolated folder, and work only from that for the duration of the task, and then immediately archive and close mail client). With savvy prioritizing, timing, and scheduling, I should be not-behind 24 hours from now. Here's what that would mean.

  • All POSSE stuff updated to the point where I can do no more until people reply
  • Piano reflections from last week blogged
  • Piano practice routine for this week written out
  • RapidSMS checkup, group and individual updates
  • My Fedora todo list is updated and all projects on it have moved one step forward (at least) - in particular, my Edu SIG tasks should be all done
  • My May finances have been totaled up (I have so much respect for accountants right now, because I could never be one)
  • All my computers at pika have an internet connection (need to acquire cables, power strip)
  • My Sugar Labs todo list is updated (no need to step forward on projects for this tomorrow, though)
  • At least one of my inboxes is at zero
  • The living room is clean (must... do... house... chore...)
  • My parents have been called and appeased with the information that I am, in fact, still alive and well

Thankfully, I only have two meetings on Sunday. If there's time, maybe Melanie and I can start working on our guitar duet arrangement. She got a beautiful black Ami, and it sounds fantastic - well, in the bass range, anyway. (Why am I playing the high part of our duo if I can't hear it that well? Good question. I think it's because my fingers can handle faster runs* than hers at this point, but hopefully we'll switch that pretty soon... I like the low end.)

*which, honestly, still aren't all that fast. I'm a piano player with tiny hands, not a guitarist by any stretch of the imagination.

Damn. Overachiever syndrome totally kicking back in here. But with more consciousness of what is going on. This is good, really good.