New discovery: when you're in a hotel room the size of your apartment, they will deliver silverware to your door so that you can eat leftover pasta. which you can take from your room's fridge to your room's microwave. I am still mindboggled about this. My hotel room has more sinks (3 - bar sink, bathroom sink, bedroom sink) than my apartment does (2 - bathroom and kitchen).

Greg brought me to a place called Ole Time Barbecue for lunch. It was fantastic. I learned what hush puppies are supposed to taste like! (Very, very good.) Also, any place that charmingly misspells "old" or replaces the first and last syllables of 'nana puddin' with parentheses is probably going to be both (1) tasty and (2) amazingly unhealthy for you (but you know, you've got to live a little). On the other end of the fine dining spectrum, Warren recommended an and jibarra for the next time I'm in town.

I'm still at the point in my life where well-executed good food is a rare treat (I can't really afford it myself yet, so it's only when other people take me out to places that I get to do the "fine dining" thing), so while I can easily tell between good food and well-made, great food, my "how great is this great food?" gauge is not yet well developed due to lack of experience. Developing that sense is an incredible pleasure and treat, and I'm grateful to my friends who have taken me to get Good Food. Mmm.

Now I have to step up my cooking so that I can try to recreate some of that experience for those I cook for. Woo!