My Catholic upbringing is showing. After writing the last post, I was reminded of a prayer that I've always seen as rather fuddy-duddy, but can also be filled with the urgent rhythm of youthful drumming... depending on how you read it. Goes something like this, typesetting mine; imagine a low chanting in unison on on the parenthesized words, and a pulsing bass beat, and a rough, high, almost-straining tenor. The feeling of being filled with something great that goes beyond you, and is you, and through you.

(come) holy spirit
(come) fill the hearts
(come) the hearts of your faithful
(come) kindle in them
(come) kindle the fire

the fire of love

(send) forth thy spirit
(send) forth to be created
(send) forth thy spirit
(send) forth to renew

to renew the earth
let us pray.

o god, who did
who did instruct the hearts
the hearts of the faithful
by your light

(come) grant in us
(come) by that same spirit

to be truly wise
to ever rejoice


I wonder if that's what people feel like when they pray.