Via DJ: why is this Haggadah different from all other Haggadahs?

If you want to hear great music this Wednesday night, go listen to Kevin's trio. Kevin is my piano teacher, and he rocks; hearing him and Steve together is a steady stream of "stand there with jaw open... whoa, what was that sound?" moments. I didn't know what a musical conversation sounded like until I heard those two play off each other.

As the co-creator of robotfindssharon (set in my high school dorm room, hunting for my roommate), I was happily surprised to learn that Leonard was the creator of the original robotfindskitten that inspired it. The world, she is small.

Good posture is awesome-tastic, and my hands have been dramatically improving. Many thanks to Nagle for introducing me to Esther Gokhale's work and lending me his Feldenkrais book, and Sondy for insisting that I talk with Abi, who worked on my back for the first time today and oh man I can move my right shoulder this is so cool. Also, how did my collarbone get tight? Yeesh. And my neck feels longer now... and I'm aware of more individual muscles that need work instead of having everything buried in a morass of "well, I'm carrying tension around just about everywhere." My shoulders were so wound up that they clickety-clacked in tight bunches. There's plenty more to do; I'm going back.

Discovering my body and my hearing - in the same way I discovered math, physics, writing... things to explore, to play with - is a wonderful thing.