While I can still type for a few minutes...

Other things that have happened lately: Kelliott's suite (/home) introduced me to the wonder that is the 5 Guys burger; Ritter and I have yet another new project and continue to bounce lifehacks off each other. Andy P came over last night, and we managed to sleep before 4am (which is an accomplishment, because the two of us can talk for hours despite being exhausted). Andy is kicking my ass to get a company together, refusing to hire me for his before I chase my own dreams down. It's good to have friends like that.

I have been adrift for a while - enjoying the feeling, learning how to relax and not have my life sucked up by ONE GIGANTIC CAUSE (work - including work through my studies). I'm articulating myself (to myself, first) as an individual working for something bigger than myself rather than solely a tiny part of larger groups and movements, which is... very strange. I still feel mute without the ability to publish very much due to the RSI of suckage, but this is starting to change (both the RSI and the feeling mute).

It's forcing me to learn how to give myself feedback, to learn how to trust my own thoughts and opinions, and to not be dependent on what other people say (while still being responsive to it). This, combined with the greater somatic/kinesthetic awareness I've been working on for a few weeks (ramping up in intensity - I am planning to spend a few hours a day on it over the next 2 weeks, and have been doing so already, unplanned) combine to make it... it's odd. I can almost physically feel myself becoming a person, stretching slowly - it feels like being a young tree, growing, sap pushing out through branches, furling out new leaves with green and tender veins.

I'll be at Henry's tonight; here are the things I need to do.

  • Before I leave for his place, I need to set aside some ethnography books for Chris to take over for Leslie's SCOPE team to borrow, stuff my sleeping bag into my backpack, and make sure I've got Henry's books so I can return them to him.
  • Return Andy's laptop.
  • Print and mail my MA taxes (the only ones I couldn't e-file). That gets that out of the way.
  • (possibly tomorrow:) book plane tickets, workshop, and start looking for a financial advisor to consult in Chicago at the start of next month.
  • More exercise and music (ear training today, since I'm not going to be around a piano). Last night I walked through Harvard square calling out and visualizing (visually and auditorily) chord transitions for a song I'm trying to memorize - "Emaj6! F9! Bb7, Fmin7, Bb7!"* Damn. Music is much more than playing the right notes at the right time; that really is just the beginning. Damn. (Yeah, you're probably getting tired of me exclaiming about this all the time, but this has been a huge revelation to me. I'm actually learning how to hear.)

*bonus points for anyone who can guess which song this is - I think I've provided enough information.